a Loop-Ninj-A-Gram is a personalized way to send a song & a custom message to someone (or yourself) for any number of possible reasons, including:






baby shower or birth

new job


new home

front line workers

overcoming an obstacle or an illness

just to say "hi" or "i miss you" or any personal note




~ Below you will find the descriptions for the 4 options to choose from ~

after you have made your choice, fill out the form and we will contact you to confirm your order and send an invoice via pay pal, venmo, cash app or Square Up

Please allow up to 7-14 days to receive your order

If you have a Specific date in mind, feel free to let us know & we will do our best to make that magic happen for you



Loop-Ninj-A-Gram options:

Level 1 - $100 - 1 acoustic song with a custom message

select a song of your choice, along with a custom message for before and after the song. I will perform and video this song and your personalized message, then send it to you so that you can share it with who ever you wish.


Level 2 - $150 - 1 acoustic song with custom message & performed live via Zoom

Same as above, but performed live via Zoom for you and who ever you wish to join.


Level 3 - $200 - 1 full band song performed, recorded and sent to you along with your custom message.  (same as option #1, except this version is a full band!)


Level 4 - $250 - 1 full band song performed live via Zoom.

Select a song from the list (click the button below the level options for a list of songs) or choose any other song you would like, Tony will learn this song and perform live for you & your private party via Zoom.


Level 5 -  $500 - 1 completely personalized acoustic song just for you

1 acoustic song completely customized with your details, dates, info of your choice along with a custom message before and after the song. This song will be written, performed and recorded in a video for you to keep.


Level 6 -  $1000 - 1 completely personalized full band song!

same as option #3 but instead of acoustic, you will get a full band song! written, performed & recorded in a video for you to keep, share, sing along to or just simply to love.